Hello and welcome to Science Rendezvous 2018 volunteer survey. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed  volunteering with us. Your contribution really is what makes Science Rendezvous possible, so thank you for giving some of your valuable time to teach people in your community about science. Science Rendezvous is committed to improving the volunteer experience each year, and your feedback will help us!

* 1. For how long did you volunteer at Science Rendezvous?

* 2. What Science Rendezvous event(s) did you attend (Please check all that apply)?

* 3. How did you hear about volunteering at Science Rendezvous?

* 4. What is your volunteer status at Science Rendezvous?

* 5. How many times have you volunteered at Science Rendezvous in the past (Not including the 2018 event?)