A City’s Comprehensive Plan contains the long-range vision that functions as a guide for important municipal policy decisions. Comprehensive Plans are typically updated every 10 to 15 years. The City of Swan Valley’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in the early 2006 changes over the past 12 years prompted the City Council to start working to update the plan. 

Recognizing that the City of Swan Valley is a Rural Community and has limited resources we ask that you give us good information to provide vital information for the decision maker of the city.

What does RURAL mean? Rural means country or countryside. People who live in rural communities live in the country.

The City request that each property owner or member a household over 18 years of age fill out one survey.  Please return the survey no later than July 6, 2018.

* 1. What do you like about the current Comprehensive Plan?

* 2. Where or what are your favorite things about Swan Valley?

* 3. What is the worst thing about Swan Valley?

* 4. What is the best thing about Swan Valley?

* 5. Winter Road Maintenance of Major Roads

* 6. Summer Road Maintenance

* 7. Better Roads - Paving

* 8. Transfer Station Facilities

* 9. Services at City Office

* 10. Recreational opportunities for Kids

* 11. Activities for those 55 and older

* 12. Sheriff presence

* 13. Encourage assisted living facilities / nursing home

* 14. Encourage more dense residential development   i.e. townhouses with public water/sewer facilities

* 15. Direct residential growth to certain areas and away from other areas

* 16. Require long-range open space/greenbelt/parks in new developments

* 17. Encourage affordable residential housing

* 18. Allow transfer of development rights or clustering

* 19. Discourage new residential development in predominantly less developed areas

* 20. Encourage new residential development in predominantly less developed areas

* 21. Discourage multi-family housing

* 22. Severely limited or prohibit large retail stores with large building footprints

* 23. Limit size of office buildings adjacent to major road corridors

* 24. Allow extra zoning density to encourage economic development in the city

* 25. Discourage "strip" development

* 26. Discourage gas stations

* 27. Allow drive-through business i.e. fast food

* 28. Require design guidelines for commercial development

* 29. Allow large industrial/manufacturing buildings

* 30. How important is it for the city to allow industrial/manufacturing in the city limits

* 31. Is it important to you to be able to work in Swan Valley

* 32. Do you support the businesses in Swan Valley

* 33. Should there be more businesses

* 34. Please tell us your age

* 35. Gender

* 36. Annual household income

* 37. How many people in your household

* 38. Your residence - pick all that apply

* 39. Are there other issues that should be addressed in the Plan?