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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Are you interested in attending a TEA Party event in New Port Richey?

* 2. Did you attend a TEA Party Event last year? If so, which one?

* 3. Where would you like the New Port Richey TEA Party to be held on 4/15/2010?

* 4. It takes a village. :) Would you be willing to volunteer your time to organize the event? (It's ok if you can't - just be there)!

* 5. If you are able to help plan the event, what resources could you provide that would help put on a successful event? (Access to sound systems, a well-known person to speak, able to get a permit or location, media coverage, etc.) Please only commit a resource if you are 100% positive you can provide it. Also include your contact information so we can start working on it.

* 6. Please rate what time of the day you think would be most effective to hold our TEA Party?

12:00 noon - So the news can get it on three times!
4pm - ? - when people get off work so more attend
Other - please provide option

* 7. So should we do this? Do you have any ideas to offer? Do you want to volunteer or just attend? Please write down any comments you have regarding the planning of the event or the event itself. I am sure I forgot something in the survey so now is your chance to cover what I missed!

* 8. If you would like to provide your name, email address and/or other contact information, please do so.