Event Survey

Please help us to improve the Exchange Club Family Center's next conference and luncheon experience

* 1. Did you attend the conference, luncheon or both?

* 2. Attending the 25th Annual CAP conference and luncheon met my learning objectives

* 3. What did you like MOST about our CAP luncheon?

* 4. If you attended the conference, please rank the following:

* 5. What did you like LEAST about our CAP luncheon?

* 6. Based on your experience this year, next year would you attend:

* 7. How relevant were the topics discussed during the workshops and panel to today's child welfare arena?

* 8. How familiar were the panel members about the subject matter discussed?

* 9. Why did you attend this year's conference and/or luncheon?

* 10. What theme or topic would you like to see included in next year's conference?