Death is a difficult passage for many reasons not the least of which is the  finality of it.  What if you could marry your death with a tangible continuation of life - the life of a forest....? Nogies Natural Burial Ground (NNBG) offers an environmentally friendly burial  while conserving the natural forest environment for the benefits and values it provides: wildlife habitat, climate change mitigation through CO2 storage , water table and soils stability, green space for human enjoyment and re-creation.

NNBG  is set on 180 acres of forested trails in Municipality of Trent Lakes. Plots are spaced far apart in natural openings so that only minimal disturbance of the forest is required.
Shallow graves allow for quick decomposition while rocks provide protection from curious wildlife.
Maintenance is focused on  health of the forest and on the integration of land uses that are compatible with a sacred burial ground and forest conservation  eg,  hiking, fire wood, cross country skiing, maple syrup,bee keeping,  seed collection, and other forest permaculture endeavors.

Natural burial is an old idea being made new again.  Your input through this short survey  will help us make it more like your idea.