* 1. Which of the following areas are currently contracted for by the supply chain team in your organizations?

* 2. How many licensed beds does your supply chain team contract for?

* 3. What is the total number of team members in your supply chain department. Note: Please count each team member devoted to a purchased services category as 1 and each team member not dedicated to purchased services categories as 0.5. Purchased services can include IT/Telecom, Clinical, Facility, Revenue Cycle, HR and Marketing.

* 4. Which of the following categories does your system outsource?

* 5. Which of the following categories are you planning to evaluate for outsourcing in the next 3 years?

* 6. What is the average cost per pound of laundry paid by your organization to your vendor or co-op? NOTE: Please only include the direct cost per pound of laundry, not additional management fees or surcharges.

* 7. First and Last Name

* 8. Email

* 9. Phone Number

* 10. Company Name

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