Instructions and Guidelines

A written application must be submitted to the Services and Projects Committee by January 31st
in order to be considered in the next fiscal year’s budget. Out of cycle applications may be
considered. Incomplete applications shall not be considered for funding. It is the applicant’s
responsibility to provide all information requested in a proper and timely fashion. It is understood
that the applicant may not have the resources necessary to provide all requested information. At
the Board’s discretion, the Services and Projects Committee may work with the applicant to aid in
completing the application. The application must include the following information.

1) Is the project within the resort area district?

2) Is the request from an authorized representative of a legal entity recognized under the laws of
the State of West Virginia? If not, a signed petition by at least 25% of the affected property
owners must accompany the request.

3) Provide a complete description of the project. Include the project purpose, goals and objectives.
For each project provide a budget number. The information provided here should be specific
regarding what the entity is requesting to be funded with the district fee. If requesting services
to be funded by the District for operations, identify the categories and assign a dollar amount
(salaries, software, etc.)

4) How does the project benefit the community at large including residents and visitors?

5) How does the project support, improve or maintain critical infrastructure, public health, safety
and/or welfare in the community?

6) How does the project fill a community need not currently or adequately being satisfied?

7) Please provide the detailed cost/budget for the project.

8) Provide preliminary ongoing annual operations and/or maintenance expenses (minimum three
(3) year projection)

9) Please provide maps/description for the project area. Please refer to assessor
website: Click HERE

Review Section
• Services and Projects
• Finance Committee
• District Board
• ARC – as required
Please CLICK HERE for a detailed overview of the Snowshoe Resort Community District