1. Understanding Home School Education & Educational Services

Initiated by a school teacher in collaboration with a Graduate Student at Syracuse University, the intent of this survey is to better understand homeschool families in the United States. We hope that we can use the research to better understand this tremendously growing educational trend, which is an area that is rarely researched sufficiently.

* 2. Please rank the amount spent on each of the following per week:

  Less than 1 hour 1-3 Hours 3.1-7 Hours 7.1-12 Hours 12.1-14 Hours 14.1-21 Hours 21.1+ Hours
Planning Lessons
Physically teaching
Networking with other homeschool parents
Using the Internet (inc. E-mail, web, forums)
Using the internet for homeschool purposes

* 3. Please answer each question below by selecting the "Yes", "No", or "Not Sure" selection.

  Yes No Not Sure
Was the fact that Homeschool children perform better than public school children a factor in your homeschool decision?
Do you feel your child has adequate social opportunities being homeschooled?
Do you plan for your home school children to continue on to college?
Do you attend local or regional homeschool conferences?
Do you feel the development of leadership is important for your child?
Was religion an important decision maker in homeschooling your child(ren)?

* 4. Why did you to choose to homeschool your child/children?

* 5. What do you find most rewarding about homeschooling your children?

* 6. What is the most difficult thing about homeschooling?

* 7. How do you find lessons/resources for homeschooling?

* 8. How interested would you be in each of the following options?

  Not interested whatsoever Somewhat interested Extremely Interested
Free Educational games
Inter-church homeschool networking and information sharing
National online homeschool forums
Online portal for sharing specific course knowledge
National and International educational trip opportunities for homeschool families
Online video and audio lesson plans
More networking opportunities for area homeschoolers
athletics programs for homeschoolers
Parent networking for homeschool families
Professionally designed lesson plans
Fully managed, Easy to complete, online forms for state and local requirements
leadership opportunities for homeschoolers
Religion-based homeschool resources
Free Knowledge exchange portals with other homeschool parents
Speaker series for homeschoolers
Licensed Teacher tutoring online
Online Lesson plan exchanges
Online foreign language training for students
Online Social Networking for Homeschool only students
local clubs and organizations for homeschoolers
Online Social Networking for Parents

* 9. What products or services would you be interested in for you or your homeschooled student, to enhance your childs education, or to make it easier to offer your child an excellent education?

* 10. Is there anything else you can tell us that could help us improve the homeschool experiences for families across the nation? Feel free to share any comments, stories, questions, or further information here.