SR 500 42nd Ave / 54th Ave Safety Improvements Study

State Route 500 provides east-west connectivity from I-5 to I-205 as well as east Clark County. Growth and development in the area are contributing to increased traffic backups and delays. There are two traffic lights on SR 500 at 42nd Avenue/NE Falk Road and 54th Avenue/NE Stapleton Road. Over a five-year span, there were nearly 400 crashes around these lights. On average, that is more than one crash a week.

Potential construction projects at these intersections were identified in the past, but have not been funded. Because of the high number of crashes, it is our responsibility to identify ways to improve these locations. This study will develop concepts that would help improve safety and travel times on SR 500 between St. Johns Road and Northeast Andresen Road, while maintaining bicycle and pedestrian access across the highway.

The ideas generated through this study will be rated based on safety and cost, focusing on finding smaller fixes that could be funded and implemented sooner. These safety improvements may change how you access SR 500 and get to and from locations along the highway. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to tell us what you experience traveling in this area.  This online survey is open until 5 p.m. Saturday, March 31. 

* 1. How often do you travel on or across SR 500 between St. Johns Road and Northeast Andresen Road?

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