GHCA Alumni Survey

Dear GHCA Alumni,

We would appreciate your candid answers to a few questions so that we can get a better sense of how to make GHCA a better school for future students. You have firsthand experience with the school, so your opinion is very valuable to us.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us some feedback!

* 1. Name and Contact Information

* 2. Please check all of the options you experienced after graduation from GHCA:

  Began Completed
On-the-job training
Trade School
Professional Technical College
2 year College
4 year College or University
Post-Graduate Studies

* 3. Please tell us the name(s) of any trade schools, colleges, or universities that you attended:

* 4. Please check the appropriate response below regarding any remedial level courses taken after high school:

* 5. In what field of employment are you currently working?

* 6. Compared to your freshmen peers, how well did GHCA prepare you for college in the following academic areas?

  Better than most Adequately prepared Minimally prepared Totally unprepared
Public speaking
Critical thinking: analyzing, debating, discussing

* 7. Would you consider sending your own child to GHCA if it were an option?

* 8. In what ways do you think GHCA excelled as a school?

* 9. In what ways does GHCA need to improve?

* 10. Which statement best describes you from the time you left high school through the next five (or less) years?