Quality Timber Traders is a new collaborative project between the Subtropical Farm Forestry Association (NSW), Speciality Timber Growers Inc. (QLD) and Southern Cross University, with funding from the Farming Together Federal Government Program.

The project aims to:
- connect growers to create a supportive community
- expand grower knowledge and ability to manage woodlots in a more productive and sustainable way
- assist growers in measuring, managing and marketing their timber
- develop a market and run a marketing campaign for cabinet timbers
- allow growers to benefit from their combined market power.

This survey is designed to:
- identify the size and properties of our combined timber resource
- find out what plans growers have for their plantations
- identify areas where we can assist knowledge development
- ask what level of involvement you would like to have with our project
- assist in getting your timber to market.

We welcome your participation in the project and thank you for completing the grower survey!
20% of survey complete.