SQUEEZE Structural Pre-Study Survey

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey that we are conducting to get a better understanding of how patients who receive postoperative vasopressor infusions (PVI) are managed.

Background to the Organisational Survey

There is evidence of substantial variation in the management of postoperative hypotension between centres, countries and continents. The variation is in assessment (cardiac output and invasive monitoring) and environment (post-operative care units, high-dependency units, ICUs) and management (use and choice of fluids and vasopressors/inotropes). We hypothesise that there is also variation in the incidence of organ dysfunction and the use of organ support, and in clinical outcomes including duration of stay and mortality.

In order to understand the impact of receipt of PVI on patient’ outcomes, the squeeze study will involve two components:

I. The first is a structural survey, giving us insights into the infrastructure that facilitates care for patients who receive PVI;

II. The second is the main study which will require data collection on individual patients, some of whom receive PVI, to see how commonly this occurs and how it is associated with clinical outcomes.

Participation on the second component of the study is dependent upon completion of the first part, the structural survey. 

We are very grateful for your support in completing this study and we look forward to sharing the results of the study soon.

Best regards

Dr Ben Creagh Brown & Dr Ib Jammer

Global Principal Investigators

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* 1. Site information

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* 2. How many operating rooms (OR) dedicated to non-cardiac inpatient surgery does this site have ? (Please exclude day surgery unit OR's)

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* 3. List of surgical specialties ? (Thick all that apply)

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* 4. Critical Care Unit Services

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Total numbers of beds in your hospital

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* 5. Total number of critical care / high dependency unit beds

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* 6. Which month do you prefer to avoid recruitment starting ?

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* 7. Would you like to volunteer to become National Coordinator and help with recruiting centres and translating the study documents ? (In some countries, a National Coordinator has already been found. We will inform you on this separately.)

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* 8. Do you recommend another institution/ hospital/ colleague to contact for participation in the SQUEEZE Study ? If yes, please provide their contact details.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.