About This Survey

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For 46 years, Save Our Canyons has worked to protect the Wasatch Mountains and in that time many things have changed. Initially a group of volunteers met and coordinated, raised a few funds to raise awareness and get the word out about things happening in our mountains & watersheds. Today, we have a full-time staff, we are confronted with unprecedented challenges from climate change to population growth that jeopardize the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch, which is our mission of our organization to work to protect.

Over the next several months, Save Our Canyons will be reaching out to our membership and the community whom we serve to help guide the implementation of a strategic plan that will set the trajectory of our programs ensuring that the very limited resources (our annual budget is a mere $321,000 to support all we currently do), are having the maximum impact.

I invite you to both take and share this survey, this is one tool for us to learn from our community. If you have a group of people you go on hikes, ski tours, climbs, or enjoy our resorts with, please encourage them to take this survey. It will greatly benefit the Wasatch, the cornerstone of a place we’re all proud to call home.

I hope to see you in the Mountains,

Carl Fisher
Executive Director