We value your opinion concerning all aspects of your employment with Belmont University. Your viewpoint will help us to improve working conditions and influence future practices. This survey is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. There is no way to identify you as the sender.

* 2. Department (optional)

* 5. What is your reason for leaving Belmont University? (Check all that apply)

* 6. Which best describes your opinion about the following employment aspects?

Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very
Job security
Physical facilities/your work area
Resources and equipment available to complete your work
Feeling of accomplishment from your job
Supervisor's accessibility, approachability, fair mindedness
Supervisor's managerial skills
Amount of independence and responsibility you were given
Recognition for a job well done
Decision making opportunity
Support and cooperation of co-workers
Career growth within Belmont
Training and professional development opportunities
Belmont's sensitivity to the needs and concerns of women
Belmont's sensitivity to the needs and concerns of minorities
Belmont's sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the disabled

* 7. Were your duties and responsibilities clearly explained to you?

* 8. Were work conditions such as salary, benefits, hours, etc. explained to you?

* 9. If you have secured a new job, what makes it more attractive to you than your job at Belmont?

* 10. What could have been done to prevent your leaving Belmont?

* 11. Would you work for your department again?

* 12. Would you work for Belmont University again?

* 13. What was most difficult about working at Belmont?

* 14. What was most rewarding about working at Belmont?

* 15. Do you have any other comments to add?

* 16. What recommendations do you have to improve Human Resources services?