Submission Overview

Every year we host one precon on each Thursday and one on Friday. One BI and one being DBA. We typically charge $120 for our precons, allowing a 2 for 1 special discount of $20 off if attendees sign up for both days of training. Our precon sales last year were over 40 attendees for the BI day and over 35 for the DBA day. Our training room holds a max of 50. We cover the speakers travel expenses and our own expenses out of the funds collected, then anything left over, we split with the speaker 50/50. No formal contract is involved, a #sqlfamily handshake is binding enough for us.

Along with an overall description, we like to see your submissions include an outline of what the attendee can expect hour by hour or each segment of your training (whichever makes the most sense with what you have planned out for the training). We'd like for you to also include anything extra: do they need to bring their laptops (will there be any hands on portions with your training), do they need to pre-download any software to their laptops, will you be providing anything preprinted/handouts, etc.

We plan to have our selected precon speakers decided by July 1st.