Why did you choose Plainview?

The City of Plainview wants to market the community so that the city keeps growing.  We're asking for feedback from citizens to assist a citizen group in developing a "brand."

What is a brand?  Put simply, a "brand" refers to the perception customers---or in this case residents--- have about a product or service, or place.  Our goal is to create a specific perception in peoples’ minds about the qualities and attributes of the City of Plainview. 

For the brand to be accurate, we need know a few things from you.  Please answer this short survey.

* 1. Why have you chosen to live in Plainview?  (Check all that apply)

* 2. What attributes do you like about Plainview?   Please rank your choices from the most important (1)  to least important (6) ?

* 3. How old are you?

* 4. Do you have children?

* 5. What are the ages of your children?  (Check all that apply)

* 6. If you have adult children, do they live in Plainview or the surrounding area?

* 7. How long have you lived in Plainview?

* 8. Did you leave Plainview and come back to the community after a time away?

* 9. If you were not born or raised here, where did you live longest before coming to Plainview?

* 10. How long do you anticipate staying in Plainview?