2017 SQIC Evaluation

Please tell us what you enjoyed about the SQIC Work Group in 2017 and what you'd like to see improved in 2018. 

* 1. Please rate your agreement with the following statements.

  N/A Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
My time was well spent by attending SQIC meetings.
Meetings were the appropriate amount of time (1 hour).
Meetings occurred at the appropriate interval (quarterly).
The appropriate amount of information was covered in the course of the year.
My organization will be able to use the information I learned.
 I would recommend this Work Group to others.
The speakers were knowledgeable about the topics they presented on.
The speakers were well prepared.
The speakers were engaging.
I was satisfied with SQIC accomplishments.

* 2. What is the most valuable thing you learned through SQIC in 2017?

* 3. What aspects of the Work Group could be improved?

* 4. Additional comments?

* 5. May we follow up with you in regards to your feedback?