1. Parent Involvement

The importance of parent involvement in a child's school success cannot be overemphasized. A parent's involvement in his/her child's education affects the child's academic achievement. Kress ISD strives to strengthen their educational partnerships with parents in regard to student achievement. Research has identified a number of types of parent involvement in children's education:
Parenting (establishing a home environment), Learning at Home (helping children with learning activities at home), Communicating (school-home communication), Volunteering (parent volunteer work at the school), Decision Making (parents having a meaningful role in school decisions affecting their children's education,) and Community Collaboration (identifying and using community resources to support their children's leaning). This survey was developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the parent involvement plan and the district's Title 1 program.

* 1. I receive information from the school about what each grade level is expected to learn.

* 2. I receive information from the school about the state tests (STAAR, EOC,).

* 3. I receive information about how you can work with teachers to help your child in school.

* 4. The school promotes family involvement in school.

* 5. I feel that teachers, principals, and other staff are willing to communicate with me.

* 6. The information from your child’s school is in a language that you understand.

* 7. School newsletters are helpful.

* 8. I know how to contact my child’s teacher.

* 9. I am aware that I may help with your school and district parent involvement policies?

* 10. Did you go to an open house or meeting where the goals and activities of Title 1 were shared? (Parent Report Card Day or the Title 1 Breakfast).

* 11. I am aware of opportunities to volunteer at the school.

* 12. I am aware of opportunities to participate in ACTION or PAT ( Campus Parent Organizations).

* 13. I feel welcome at the school.

* 14. The teachers meet willingly with me to discuss your concerns about your child.

* 15. The school values my opinions and suggestions?

* 16. I believe that students and parents are treated fairly by my child's teachers.

* 17. The teachers ask me about my child's strengths and how they learn.

* 18. The school sponsors family learning workshop at times and places that are accessible by all.

* 19. The office staff communicates in a friendly, professional manner.

* 20. My child's teacher meets with me to discuss my child's progress several times per year.

* 21. The school appears to be well organized and efficiently run.

* 22. I believe my child's school provides high quality educational instruction.

* 23. My child child is safe at school.

* 24. I would recommend my school to another parent.

* 25. The teachers do their best to meet the individual needs of my child.

* 26. The school provides my school the support they need in order to succeed.

* 27. The school building is available for use by the community outside of regular school hours.

* 28. What keeps you from being more involved in school based activities?

* 29. The school distributes information about community programs and activities for families.

* 30. The school staff treats me with respect.

* 31. The school is doing well and continually to strives to improve the quality of education my child receives.