* 1. Your first name and period number.

* 2. Why is it necessary to cite sources?

* 3. What does the in-text citation have to correspond to in the Works Cited?

* 4. If you mention the author's name in the text of your paper, do you have to put it in the in-text citation as well?

* 5. If you DON'T mention the author's name in the text, what should the in-text citation look like?

* 6. When using Son of Citation and citing the World Book from the UDLib/Search databases, what should you pick for your source type?

* 7. When citing a valid source from the Internet (you searched a search engine like Google or Bing), you should pick what type of source in Son of Citation?

* 8. In Son of Citation, if there isn't an individual author's name, you should just leave those boxes blank?

* 9. When citing a web document, which pieces of information MUST you have in the citation? (You can't leave the boxes blank- according to Ms. Payne's expectations.)

* 10. After you use Son of Citation to cite all of your sources, you must then go back and format the Works Cited page according to proper MLA format?

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