We are always looking for ways to spread the good news of Jesus Christ our Savior to others. We would love to have the opportunity to help you grow in faith and discovery the true meaning of God’s infallible Word as it is recorded in the Bible. Through this survey, we are looking to gauge interest in Living Word holding services in your area. We have outgrown our storefront location in Lexington, MO and are excited to see where God takes us next. Please complete this brief 10 question survey to aid us in our efforts of finding a new church home!

* 1. Do you currently attend a church? (If no, skip to question 4)

* 2. How often to you attend services?

* 3. What % of the beliefs of that church are you in agreement with?

* 4. Have you looked through the information available on our website?

* 5. We will not compromise on the Doctrinal Purity of Scripture and encourage you to examine our teachings and question anything that you find contrary to God’s Word. If you have found something that you would like further clarified, please comment below: (include your contact info at the end of this survey and we will respond to your question)

* 6. We are currently a small congregation but, God willing, we are looking to grow & spread Gods Word. If Living Word held serviced in your area, how likely is it that you would attend our services?

* 7. What distance are you willing to travel to attend services?

* 8. Where are you located? Provide as much or as little info as you like. If you would like us to contact you, please provide your name & phone number or email address.

* 9. If we do further outreach in your area, please rate the following tools from most effective (1) to least (5):

* 10. Our sermons are recorded & posted online each week. Would you be interested in receiving a weekly email with the sermon?