The aim of this questionnaire is to determine the skills expected by Purchasing Directors in 2020, particularly when it comes to recruiting a junior buyer.

This European study, conducted in partnership with the ABCAL association (Belgian Association of Purchasing and Logistics Managers), should enable Human Resources Managers, Purchasing Directors, Buyers, Teachers and Students to direct their efforts in terms of skills development.

For each type of skills ("hard" & "soft" skills), you are kindly asked to rank the four most "sought-after" skills for a buyer. We would appreciate if you could indicate your role within your Purchasing organisation.

As soon as the study is completed, a version of the analysis report will be sent to you.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Question Title

* 1. Your contact details (so that we can send you the results of our survey)

Question Title

* 2. HARD SKILLS / KNOW-HOW - Pick and rank ONLY the four hottest skills amongst the list on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the hottest

  1 (+) 2 (++) 3 (+++) 4 (++++)
Ability to identify strategic levers and to build a category strategy
Ability to financially model the purchase (“Total Cost” or even “Total Value” of Ownership - TCO & TVO)
Ability to identify and acquire innovation
Ability to prepare and conduct fact-based negotiations
Ability to improve supplier relationships
Ability to identify and prevent Supplier risks (Financial failure, compliance, CSR, ...)
Ability to leverage data to identify performance opportunities
Ability to manage contracts (Contract development and monitoring)
Ability to use new information systems to enhance S2C and P2P processes
Ability to implement and analyze KPIs
Ability to identify market dynamics and strategic suppliers
Ability to manage calls for tenders

Question Title

* 3. SOFT SKILLS - Pick and rank ONLY the four hottest skills amongst the list on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the hottest

  1 (+) 2 (++) 3 (+++) 4 (++++)
Ability to think strategically
Business understanding
Ability to innovate, think out of the box and critically
Ability to handle and solve complex problems
Ability to facilitate change (Behaviours, practices, processes, …)
Ability to collaborate with others
Ability to ask questions and to listen actively
Willingness to discover and learn new procurement techniques
Customer focus
Adaptability to new situations (whether organizational, technological or skills-based)
Writing skills (structured and precise)
Ability to evolve within a multicultural environment