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EBW Team Requirements
The following Membership Requirements are for your information and can be applied only after you have received notification of your status as a member. Once you are accepted as a member, failure to maintain these requirements may revoke your membership privileges. In order to promote and support the art of beadweaving, we require that at least 50% of listings in your shop should be completed beadwoven designs, tutorials or patterns. We accept bead embroidery, bead crochet and beaded kumihimo as bead weaving as long as the majority of the item contains bead weaving.

1. (Required) Maintain an Etsy shop with a minimum of 2 and at least 50% beadwoven items at all times. Highlight at least 2 beadwoven items in your “featured items” pictures at the top of your shop. Notify the team leader if you need to put your shop on vacation or close down for any reason.
2. (Required) Join the EBW Team on FreeForums (required) Familiarize yourself with the team rules and other information in the “FAQ and Files” section of the board index on Freeforums.
3. (Required) Tag all beadwoven items and only beadwoven items using the tag "EBW Team". Also use the tag "Ebwteamtutorials" for all patterns, tutorials and kits. When entering a challenge, include the tag “EBWC” on your challenge listing (remove this tag after the challenge has ended).
4. (Required) Mention the EBW Team in your shop announcement and accept the invitation to join the team on Etsy. Here is an announcement you can use, feel free to copy it verbatim, or write your own: “I am a proud member of the Etsy BeadWeavers Team. Search EBW TEAM for more beautiful beadwoven creations and visit our blog for links to all members’ shops: .
5. (Required) Enter the EBW monthly Challenge at least once per calendar year (Feb-Dec). This includes the calendar year you join the team. More frequent participation is encouraged. See complete challenge rules for all details.
6. (Required) For each challenge there are two places to vote for your favorite entry. The internal team vote for the challenge on FreeForums is required of all members. The link will be posted each month on the 9th on FreeForums at the top of the news. Also (optional) vote and comment on your favorite challenge entry on the public blog each month. The winner of the internal vote is featured on the Facebook fanpage for that month and is entitled to choose the theme for an upcoming challenge.
7. (Optional) Register for an account on Flickr and then request to join the EBW Flickr Pool. Upload your Challenge entries to the EBW pool as well as any of your other beadwoven creations.
8. (Optional) The team strongly suggests regular (at least once a month) participation with posts and comments on any of the following; FreeForums, the EBW team forum on Etsy, the team blog, and the team face book fanpage. This will ensure a vibrant and energetic team that will promote the art of beadweaving and support fellow members and their work. Creating, sharing and commenting on Etsy Treasuries are a great way to promote the team.
9. (Optional) If you have an active blog please link to the Team blog and comment about the Team once a month. Whenever you enter the monthly challenge, promote your item and the team challenge on your blog. It is not required that you have a blog to be a member of the Team, but it is encouraged.
10. (Required) Respect copyrights, each other and Etsy. DO NOT LIST COPIES OF OTHER BEAD ARTISTS WORK FOR SALE IN YOUR SHOP WITHOUT THEIR WRITTEN PERMISSION. This is considered copyright infringement.
11. (Required) Don’t call out, criticize, belittle, or harass members of the group or other sellers on Etsy. If you have an issue with a fellow member, their work or their shop, please contact a leader for advice.

* 1. First & Last Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Where do you live? (country and/or state)

* 4. Etsy Shop

* 5. Other Websites:

* 6. How did you hear about Etsy BeadWeavers?

* 7. How long have you been beadweaving?

* 8. Have you read and do you agree to abide by the Membership Requirements of EBW listed above if you are accepted as a member?


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