Interested Party Demographics Survey

The information below is collected anonymously and is purely statistical analysis for the SD73 board of trustees to create a picture of how viable a school like this would be for our community. 
The questions are in line with the student demographics of SD73 schools posted online here:

* 1. What area of town do you currently live in? 

* 2. How many children do you have? 

* 3. What year were your children born in?  (please select all that apply)

* 4. My children are:

* 5. My children identify as

* 6. My child has additional needs.

* 7. On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you currently with your child's education?

* 8. If this were a school of choice in Kamloops how far away would you drive your child to school?

* 9. What kinds of concerns do you have about your child's education?

  Not at all Somewhat Reasonably Extremely Never thought about it
Not enough 1:1 time with students
Lack of support for additional needs
Not enough feedback to parents
Delivery model that doesn't match my child's needs
Lack of free unstructured play time 
Doesn't prepare children for their adult lives