Strategic Planning Process

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Who are we?

The BCIT Faculty & Staff Association (FSA) is a certified trade union and a member-driven association that represents full-time and part-time technological faculty and staff at BCIT. We have approximately 1800 members - including yourself!

The FSA is governed by the BC Labour Relations Code, the BC Societies Act, the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), as well as other relevant legislation. The FSA’s Constitution & By-laws provide direction for the purposes and framework for the association. Our policies support us to enact our purposes. You can find all of these on our website.

Through representation on committees, negotiation with BCIT, and advocacy for the collective interests of the membership we work to advance the employment interests of faculty and staff and improve working conditions at BCIT.
Why are we asking for your input now?

Undergoing a strategic planning process is an opportunity for the BCITFSA to define its strategy – or build a roadmap, make decisions on allocating resources towards achieving the strategy, and build a tool for accountability. A good strategic plan will seek to advance the organization’s constitutional purposes and take us closer to achieving our vision through our mission while living up to our values.

The development of a strategic plan is a practice of making choices; picking approaches and narrowing priorities. No single plan during a defined period of time can possibly do everything and be everything to everyone. A process such as strategic planning, even with its limitations and drawbacks, encourages organizations to make choices and be accountable for those choices. It asks an organization to prioritize and make choices about where to put time, money, and energy.

The elements of that plan will be more robust and better with you – the FSA membership – involved. 

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