CMCA Paper-and-Pencil

Thank you for participating in our survey. Once you’ve completed the questions, please print your 1 credit hour of continuing education. Your honesty is valuable to us in our efforts to improve the CMCA program and advance the community association industry.

* 1. What prerequisite did you complete in order to sit for the CMCA paper-and-pencil examination?

* 2. How did you prepare for the CMCA paper-and-pencil examiantion?

* 3. What additional resources would have been useful to you in preparing to sit for the CMCA exam? Please check all that apply

* 4. When did you take the CMCA paper-and-pencil examination?

* 5. Did you know there are two CMCA examination formats: paper-and-pencil and computer based?

* 6. Why did you take the CMCA paper-and-pencil examination rather than the computer-based exam? Check all that apply.

* 7. How can we improve the delivery of the examination? Check all that apply.