Saint Paul's Congregational Input on Church Governance

Please complete by February 2nd, 2018. If you need help with the survey please email Fotena Zirps at or call 850-645-7428. I can input your answers if you prefer not to do so on the computer.  Hard copies are also available. 

In 2017 Saint Paul’s changed the governing structure to a Governing Board that includes some of the committees that had been freestanding before (Trustees, Staff Parish – Human Resources and Finance). The Governing Board (GB) is responsible for the governance of the church which includes oversight of staffing, finance and facilities.  The GB is focused on the church’s mission, vision, values and strategy. It has responsibility for policy and procedure. The GB sets the budget and provides financial oversight. The GB also is responsible for aligning ministries, staff, facilities, budget and calendar to the mission, vision and values and setting goals accordingly. The missions committees of the church were brought into a Core Ministry Team. The Core Ministry team is comprised of the leaders of every ministry team.  To learn more see the following web materials.

* 1. My level of understanding of the new governance structure of Saint Paul's UMC.

* 2. My level of interest in the Saint Paul's UMC governing structure.

* 3. My level of involvement in following what the Governing Board does.

* 4. How often do I read the materials in the Epistle after the Governing Board meeting?

* 5. My understanding of the financial position of Saint Paul's UMC.

* 6. The new Governing Board structure is efficient because the administrative committees are incorporated into the governing body allowing for decisions to be made faster and with committee summary information readily accessible.

* 7. The new Governing Board structure is effective because all the committees and roles are represented so there is broader capacity for input leading to better decisions.

* 8. Saint Paul's has strong fiduciary protection in place allowing me to trust that the Governing Board is carefully monitoring risks to the Church.

* 9. If I have input, I know how to get it to the Governing Board.

* 10. Other thoughts or comments

* 11. Name (optional):