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Application Instructions

Welcome! Sturgis Area Community Foundation has teamed up with local Service Clubs to offer one streamlined grant application process for this school year!

To apply for grant funding in support of a classroom program, project or other related need, simply complete this online application. All Sturgis Public Schools staff members are eligible to apply. We encourage innovative and creative projects! APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11:59PM ON DECEMBER 17th, 2021. 

Here are some additional guidelines and reminders:

-Grants are normally limited to $500.00; however, group proposals may be eligible for a larger award.

-Equipment purchased entirely with grant money will become the property of Sturgis Public Schools. Partially funded equipment purchases will be discussed with the applicant prior to grant award for clarification of ownership.

-Selection committees reserve the right to recommend funding of a portion of a grant request.

-If the project is not completed within one year from the date of the grant award, the award money must be returned to the granting organization or service club.
-Grant recipients will be invited to attend a Board of Education meeting to present their grant project to the Board and may also be invited to present at the Service Club meeting of the granting organization.

-Grant awards and determinations will be announced in January following the SPS winter vacation.

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* 1. Applicant Name (s)

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* 2. Applicant Contact Information (If more than one applicant, include information for a primary group contact)

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* 3. School Name

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* 4. Grade(s) Impacted by Program/Project

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* 5. Project Description

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* 6. Amount Requested

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* 7. Please provide a detailed breakdown of project costs, and if additional funding is necessary, explain how you plan to obtain other funds. 

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* 8. State the timeline for the completion of your project.

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