This survey is NOT about quitting smoking or the health impacts of cigarettes.

The purpose of this survey is to explore how smokers dispose of cigarette waste in outdoor spaces and what smokers think about their butts in the environment.

The survey is open to anyone who is, or has ever been, a regular smoker. The survey is entirely anonymous and results will be used to assist Douglas Shire Council improve facilities and education about the disposal of cigarette butts and to improve the amenity of outdoor public spaces by reducing the number of butts disposed of on the ground.

* 1. How many cigarettes do/did you smoke on an average day?

* 2. When do you prefer to smoke? Choose all that apply

What do you do with it (your butt)?

* 3. Is there a designated smoking area at your workplace?

* 4. Is an ashtray/appropriate waste receptacle available there?

* 5. How do you normally dispose of cigarette butts when outside e.g. at the beach, in a park, on the street?

* 6. When outside I dispose of cigarette butts by dropping them on the ground

* 7. What factors would be likely to influence how you dispose of a cigarette butt when outside?  Choose all that apply

What do you know about it (your butt & the environment)?

* 8. The single item most collected in public space clean-ups each year is?

* 9. Do you agree or disagree that the following statements are true?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Not sure Agree Strongly agree
Birds and fish don't eat cigarette butts because they taste bad
Cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into the environment
Cigarette filters are biodegradable and break down quickly
Butts are harmless when eaten by humans
It can be dangerous to throw a cigarette butt into a rubbish bin
People can be fined for dropping a cigarette butt on the ground
More than 3000 animals die every year from ingesting cigarette butts
How do you feel about it (waste and your butt)?

* 10. Do you consider cigarette butts to be litter?

* 11. What factors would make you more likely to pick up your cigarette butt for later disposal in a bin? If you already do, why?  Choose all that apply

* 12. At home, are you careful to separate your rubbish and recycling?

* 13. Are you involved with/interested in environmental campaigns, e.g. CSG, wildlife conservation?

* 14. Have you ever had to litter paper or plastic food or drink packaging?

* 15. Any further comments to help us understand knowledge, beliefs and behavior around disposal of cigarette butts?

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve the amenity of public spaces and make it easier for smokers to appropriately dispose of their cigarette waste.