Survey on Helicopter Emergency Medevac Services (HEMS), rural Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

The Local HERO Foundation would like to ask about your thoughts and experiences with this service, so we can learn if it is meeting your needs and making a difference in your life and community. 
1.Which RMWB community do you live in?
2.Did you know the Local HERO Foundation helicopter provides emergency medical transportation for your community?
3.Have you, a family member or someone you know been flown to a hospital for care?
4.Are individuals better connected to support services through the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)?
5.Because of the HEMS program, are individuals' lives impacted in a positive way?
6.Are you satisfied with the HEMS service for your rural community?
7.Local HERO appreciates feedback! Do you have a suggestion that might improve the service? Did you have a positive experience? If you answered that you were 'not satisfied' or you 'disagreed' could you tell us why? If you wish to be contacted instead, please include your name and phone number.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.