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Thank you for your interest in:

"The Courage to Begin: How to Take the First Step to Follow Your Dream, Share Your Gifts, and Make a Difference in the World…and Create a Life of Abundance"

with Susanna Liller and David Lee

This free teleseminar recording is for you if:

You’re hungry to make a difference in the world, but you’re not sure exactly how.

Even though you’re successful, you feel “there’s something more out there for me”…but you’re not sure what it is.

Lately, you find yourself thinking a lot about why you’re here on earth…what your purpose is.

You’re going through a major life transition—job loss, divorce, health challenge—that will require that you reinvent yourself.

You are beginning—or ready—to put yourself “out there” in a bigger way but you could use encouragement and support.

You have moved to a different place in your life and want to know you’re not alone – (and want to meet the other members of “your tribe”)

* 1. You are....

* 2. Would you like to share what "threshold" you want to cross, but have been reluctant or afraid to?

Examples of common thresholds are:

- career change

- business idea that you would like to run with, but have been afraid to

- relationship change

* 3. What do you most hope to get out of this teleseminar?

* 4. By the way...did the title "The Courage to Begin" make sense when you first read it--or did it take some "Hmmm...what do they mean by this?" musing to guess?

If the latter...any ideas for a better title?

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David Lee and Susanna Liller