The vision of the Shaker Sports Boosters is to champion a thriving athletic community that plays a vital role in connecting a diverse Shaker Heights and that provides opportunities for all student-athletes.

Shaker's Sports Booster club has been "on pause" recently.  Under the leadership of High School Athletic Director Don Readance and Middle School Athletic Director Tim Richards, a group of Shaker parents has been working to relaunch the group.

This survey is designed to help us understand how YOU view the role of athletics in our community and the role the Booster club should play.  It includes ~15-20 questions and will take 5-10 minutes depending on much feedback you type in the text boxes.  Sharing your opinions will shape the future of how athletics contributes to our students' education.  

At the bottom, it might indicate there are 70+ questions; however because the questions are tailored to your responses--for example, student vs parents--no one will answer all 70.

When we refer to "sports", we are generally referring to organized teams or participation in structured competitions.  Of course, a survey like this can't capture the full spectrum of athletic involvement, so if you have additional feedback (or if you have technical issues or questions) please email us at

Thank you for your time!  Your feedback will have an impact.

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