* 1. How long have you been seeking meaningful work?

* 2. Are you primarily seeking:

* 3. What would you say is your rate of response?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Most of the time Always
Received a PFO ("Thank you for applying but...") letter 
Been invited to write a test
Received an interview
Got a job offer

* 4. For the most recent job you applied for, were you:

* 5. What are your current obligatory time commitments (things you have to do)? Check all that apply.

* 6. If you are given a four-hour screening test (pre-interview) for a job you wanted, would you:

* 7. If you have written a test as a part of application screening:

* 8. In your estimation, written tests are:

* 9. In your estimation, employers will get the best bang for their buck if they:

* 10. IF APPLICABLE: Do you think it is in your interest to self identify ethnicity, gender or special need?

* 11. What is most important for you at a job? Rank the following, from most (1) to least important:

* 12. Is there any other observation about your job search that you would like to add?