St. James Pastoral Care

Dear St. James Family,

How do we care for each other ?

People of our church pour themselves out daily in many ways. As we prepare for Father Eric’s sabbatical time, we as a congregation may be needed more than ever to share our faith and to offer solace and help. We all have gifts for pastoral care, whether it’s perceiving the needs of others, conversation, the practice of prayer, or a willingness to give of our time as drivers, temporary caregivers, friends.

We want you to know that we are here for you and we want you to know we will be attentive to your needs in his absence. We also want to know if you have any pastoral care needs. You will have a place to share those here as well. Please know that any prayer requests will be held in confidence unless you give us permission to share.
Please send your response by May 28. For other questions please feel free to contact Julie Ardery You may also call the co-leaders of the Pastoral Care team, Barbara Cauble (713-502-8473) or Dianna Berg (713-962-9916), to let others know of a need or to discuss your availability for service. Responses will be welcome, of course, at any time but we are hoping to gather as much information as possible before Father Eric begins his sabbatical.

With thanks and love,

Pastoral Care Committee Co-Leaders,

Barbara Cauble
Dianna Berg

Parish Life Committee of the St. James Vestry,

Ann Rogers
Philip Taft
Julie Ardery

1. In what ways would you be willing to share your gifts for pastoral care? (Check one, several, or many.)

2. Do you have any training to address pastoral needs, such as Order of St. Luke, Stephen Minister, Daughter of the King, Lay Eucharistic Visitor, etc. If yes, please include in space below. If not, but you would like to receive training in a particular area, please indicate in the space below.

3. What other pastoral care needs do you see a need for us to address?

4. Do you personally have any pastoral care needs that you need assistance with that you would like to share with us?

5. Contact Information