Thank you for your interest in SPICE, a project of Community Innovation Lab.

To apply for one of our SPICE Boot Camps please complete the following application form.  Please indicate your preference of attending the winter, spring or summer sessions.  Specific dates are listed.  This application should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions or need help with this form, we are happy to help:
You may already have a business, thinking about starting a business, interested in buying a business or franchise or are just interested in learning more about entrepreneurship.  You are at least aged 55+ and reside or operate a business in Durham Region.  Others may be accepted on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Program Coordinator below for more information.

Community Innovation Lab is a charitable organization based in Durham Region, founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  We address the social and economic gaps in communities through innovation and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to inspire, catalyze, and advance a community of entrepreneurs.  We are an incubator for enterprising ideas and an accelerator for promising ventures.

SPICE is Community Innovation Lab's Seniorpreneur Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and is for participants aged 55+.  It offers ideas, motivation and inspiration to people of this age group to create and build business ideas, generate an action plan and support business growth.  SPICE’s business growth pipeline reflects the wisdom and lived experience of seniorpreneurs, the best practices in accelerators, incubators and community hubs, the research on entrepreneurship – and our collective wish that everyone deserves to remain relevant.  SPICE is funded in part by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  As a project of the Community Innovation Lab, SPICE is also a marketing partner for members and will support product launches, professional events, and business meetings at the Co-iLab Hub, our 6,000 s.q. ft. co-working space in Oshawa, Ontario.

Registration is the first stage of applying for one of SPICE's Boot Camps for Seniorpreneurs. SPICE will be hosting three Boot Camps in 2019:  Late Winter, Early Spring and Summer.  You may apply for any one, or all, based on which best suits your business goals and needs.  Please note that you will only be selected for one Boot Camp.  Please indicate your preference.  A member of the SPICE team will be in contact with you once completing this application to follow up with a phone call to discuss your interest in the boot camp. Twenty (20) spots per boot camp are subsidized for Durham Region residents aged 55+.

The information you provide will be kept confidential, i.e. your name will not appear unless you have given your express consent. We have set up individual sections of the registration below so that you can decide what information you share publicly.  The purpose of publishing your information is to promote your business.
Registration is voluntary. If you wish, you may decline to provide any information or participate in any component of the program. Further, you may decide to withdraw your registration at any time or to request withdrawal of your information from our database.

Dale Blakely
Business Development Coordinator, SPICE
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