Please use this form to provide feedback on the March 13, 2017 draft of the revised Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP). You can find background information and download the draft from The form is organized to allow you to provide comments on the following major sections of the SPGP. The comment form includes the title of each section, as well as excerpts of the text, to help you move through your review. Please refer to the full document for the complete content. Please direct any questions to


Part I. The Ethical Core of College Admission
A.   Truthfulness and Transparency
B.   Individual Professional Conduct
C.   Respect for Confidentiality
Part II. The Responsible Practice of College Admission
A.   Application Plans for First-Time Undergraduates in the United States
B.   Admission Cycle Dates, Deadlines, and Procedures for First-time Fall Entry Undergraduates
C.   Wait Lists
D.   Transfer Admission
E.   The Use of Commissioned Agents in International Student Recruitment

Part III. Glossary of Notable SPGP Definitions

For each major section of content, you will be asked to comment on the following:

1.       Is the language clear and easy to follow?
2.       Are there any principles that would inhibit your ability to perform your job or hinder the success of your institution?  
3.       Are there any statements that you think are too intrusive for NACAC to monitor?

After reviewing the entire document, you will be asked to comment on the SPGP as a whole.

1.       Is the document as a whole organized in a clear and logical manner?
2.       Do you encounter any difficult ethical or practical issues in your job that the SPGP would not help you resolve? 
3.       Does the SPGP exclude issues related to any particular member segment or cohort of students?  
4.       Are there any policies in the SPGP that are beyond your control and would therefore make compliance difficult?

Question Title

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