Service Provider Questionnaire

Dementia Pathways Project

The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services has funded the Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership (SMPCP) to review and enhance the accessibility of health and service information for people who have been diagnosed with dementia and their carers.

The project aims to improve and then promote dementia services and supports for consumers and their carers at a PCP level (Swan Hill, Buloke and Gannawarra Shires) with consideration of the availability and accessibility of dementia related information, General Practice as a key contact for assessment, referral and health information, as well as identification of gaps within service provision at the point of diagnosis/post diagnosis support.

Project Objectives
1. To identify dementia and related service provider needs in the delivery of dementia services and supports.

2. To identify gaps and advocate for carer/consumer needs, who are impacted by dementia.

3. To improve carers’ access to relevant local information via support groups, printed resources, online platforms and service providers.

Project Scope
This project will focus on understanding the gaps and needs of both dementia related services and consumers/carers. Improving access to dementia information and supports for consumers and carers impacted by dementia within the SMPCP catchment will also be pursued.  The implementation of clinical decision pathways/supports for the diagnosis of dementia is not included in the scope of this project. However, SMPCP will advocate for dementia pathways to be included in the Murray Primary Health Network health pathways in partnership with the PCPs in the Loddon Mallee Region. An environmental scan of dementia related data and local initiatives will be undertaken to reveal opportunities and reduce duplication. 

Local Government Area Agency Meeting
We will be collating responses to both the service provider and consumer/carers questionnaires and discussing with all communities of interest.

If you or a member of your organisation would be interested in either meeting as a collection of agencies, or would prefer to meet individually, please indicate in the service provider questionnaire your preference.


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