Expanding upon the 2016 Edmonton Community Plan: Urban Aboriginal Strategy project, and in support of an Indigenous Housing Strategy for Edmonton, we ask you to participate. Your voice is invaluable to ensure that proper consideration has been given to priorities and actions, and to help identify responsibilities going forward.   

* 1. Do you identify as Indigenous? (ex: Status, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit, other)

* 2. What is your Gender?

* 3. What is your age? 

* 4. Do you currently live in Edmonton?

* 5. Have you ever, or are you currently experiencing homelessness?

* 6. Have you ever, or are you currently experiencing a situation of housing insecurity?

* 7. Have you used any Indigenous housing programs or services in Edmonton? 

* 8. Please select which services you have used. (Select all that apply)

* 9. How satisfied were you with these services overall? 

* 10. What is your current housing situation? 

* 11. If wanting to invest in home ownership, what if any barriers / challenges might you face in this regard?

* 12. Briefly, can you share key aspects of what home means for you. 

* 13. From your experience, what is done well for Indigenous housing programs and services in Edmonton?

* 14. What could be improved upon for Indigenous housing programs and services in Edmonton? 

* 15. Do you feel your needs are heard / respected when accessing Indigenous housing programs and services? 

* 16. If your housing needs were or are being met, what areas of your life would or have been impacted? (ex: health, safety, etc.) 

* 17. Are there any other comments you wish to share?