1. Parent Safety Survey

Please answer the following questions about your schools. All surveys are the property of the Ore City Independent School District. The survey is ANONYMOUS and is used for school improvement and as part of the district Comprehensive Needs Assessment.

The survey is intended ONLY for parents of students in the OCISD. Please, respond to each question with honesty, integrity, and courtesy.

We cannot make improvements unless we are aware of the changes that need to be recognized by your answers. This is your school. There is a text box at the end for your personal suggestions (if any).

You may change a response by clicking the current response, then choose and click your new response to any question.

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You may take the survey for each school your children attend.

1. What school does your child attend (if you have children in different Ore City schools you may complete a separate survey for each school if desired):

2. Sense of general safety:

  Agree Somewhat agree Disagree
1. Students feel safe at school.
2. Bullying is not a problem in this school.
3. Drugs are not a problem in this school.
4. Everyone's racial and ethnic heritage is respected at this school.
5. There is an effort to praise and reward those who do well.

3. School rules and expectations

  Agree Somewhat agree Disagree
7. The school rules for acceptable behavior is well known by students.
8. The consequences for violating school rules are applied consistently.
9. This school's faculty enforces school rules fairly

4. Care of facilities

  Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree
10. The school buildings are free of hazards that can cause accidental injury.
11. This school is well-maintained and a  pleasant place.

5. Administrative support and leadership

  Agree Somewhat agree Disagree
12. The school has adequate resources to help students in an emergency or crisis.
14. Administrators provide strong leadership.


  Agree Somewhat agree Disagree
15. I feel welcomed when I visit the school.
16. The school has programs to involve parents in their child's education.
17. The school makes it easy for parents to attend meetings by holding them at different times of the day.

7. Please add your comments here on "How would YOU increase parental involvement in your schools?"

8. General Questions about the Ore City schools.

  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
1. Do you feel that you are informed about the school.
2. In general are you satisfied with your child's teachers?
3. In general are you satisfied with your child's principal?
4. Are you satisfied with the guidance and counseling (counselor) services at the school?
5. Are you satisfied with the extra curricular programs at the school (sports, school plays concerts, band, clubs, student council, etc)?
6. Are you satisfied with the way attendance is handled?
7. Do you feel that your child's school experiences are consistent with the values taught in your home?
8. Are you satisfied with the library services at the school?
9. Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your child's school?
10. Are you satisfied with the transportation program?
11. Are you satisfied with the school lunch program?
12   My child is learning about computers at school.
13. Do you feel your child likes school?

9. What worries you most about your child or children and their lives now?

  Yes No
1. Alcohol and/or drug use
2. Prescription Drug use / abuse
3. School attendance
4. Teen pregnancy
5. Academic success
6. Vocational skills
7. Lack of family involvement
8. Human Sexual education grades 6,7,8,9

10. Comments: You may make a reply on a topic, a comment on a No/ Disagree response, or make a statement on anything you feel is important or a compliment.

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