Introduction to the Survey

The Science for Prevention Academic Network (SPAN) has been funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning programme (LLP) to support the establishment of a network of prevention scientists and educators. The project aims to map the prevention science sector, improve education and training, build networks and run workshops with researchers, in particular young researchers.

By Prevention Science, we mean the scientific development and evaluation of preventive interventions aimed at non-communicable diseases and risk behaviours such as poor diet, smoking, inadequate exercise, and alcohol and drug misuse.

The Science for Prevention Academic Network (SPAN) seeks to address some of the key education and training priorities for the European Prevention Science sector that have been identified as being critical for the development of the discipline; and complement/augment the core activities of the European Society of Prevention Research (EUSPR).

You have been identified as a leading prevention researcher, educator or practitioner in your country. Please can you complete this questionnaire telling us about your work in the prevention field. The information you provide will be used in a register of prevention activity to be displayed on the SPAN website (, and linked to from the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR).

This questionnaire is in English. If you can, please provide your answers in English. If you need any help with understanding the requirements or the questionnaire, then please liase with your SPAN country representative, via the Project Manager contact listed on the SPAN website. On the next page you will find instructions for completing the questionnaire.

Please circulate this questionnaire to your collaborators and colleagues in the prevention science field, including those working in policy and training or prevention practice settings.

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