Welcome to #RheumChangeMaker! Before you make your submission, please read a little about what the campaign is and who should be nominated.

What is #RheumChangeMaker?
A #RheumChangeMaker is anyone in the field of rheumatology who works to start and/or support an initiative or intervention, to bring a program or idea to reality, or to otherwise improve the quality of life of a group or community. A true leader, an inspired visionary, or front line professional willing to do whatever it takes to keep things going.

#RheumChangeMakers in Rheumatology work with/or for an organization or initiative. Others start movements or organize people on their own. Whatever they do, they think of the community of rheumatology before themselves. They likely do not think that what they do is special or praiseworthy, they are filling a gap where they see one existing.

Why honor a #RheumChangeMaker?
  • Honoring a #RheumChangeMaker creates an example for the rest of rheumatology to follow.
  • Honoring a #RheumChangeMaker provides an occasion to highlight community issues and raise awareness for legislative or regulatory change.
  • Honoring a #RheumChangeMaker demonstrates that even one person can be the change needed.
  • Honoring a #RheumChangeMaker inspires others to do what they can.
  • Honoring a #RheumChangeMaker moves the rheumatology field forward locally, nationally, and globally.

Who should honor a #RheumChangeMaker in Rheumatology?
  • Anyone or Any Company or Organization
  • Employers
  • Direct Reports
  • Colleagues
  • Co-workers
  • Patients
  • Patient caregivers/family
  • Patient advocacy groups
  • Professional associations or organizations

  1. The activity must be voluntary and not assigned as a condition of employment or recruited because of a professional connection or affiliation.
  2. The nominee donated resources without consideration from remuneration valued professional services
  3. Does not have to be a member of the College
If you have identified someone as a #RheumChangeMaker, please continue to the next page to complete the submission form. If you have questions about your submission or who should be nominated, please submit them to Member Services via email at membership@rheumatology.org.