Hi DMHS Community Member! 
The DMHS Education Foundation would like to host another kind of fundraiser to help raise money for our students’ trip costs. This would be a Saturday Flea Market sometime in early November at DMHS consisting of items that have been donated by our Community Members and advertised to the greater Sunnyside and Highland Neighborhoods. 

The purpose of this survey is to get an initial idea of involvement. We want to know if you have items you are willing to donate, categories of items available for donation, and additional information that will help us plan for this event. 

Further information will be sent out to the DMHS Community after we have evaluated your responses. 

Thanks for your help as we all work together! 

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* 1. Would you be willing to provide items to be sold at a DMHS Flea Market with all proceeds going to the DMHS Education Foundation to help fund student trips? 

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* 2. If you have items you would be willing to donate, please check all possible household item categories your donation may consist of.

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* 3. Would you donate more items or better items if the Education Foundation provided a pick up service for your large items/donations?

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* 4. In order for us to display donated items such as clothing, do you have any portable clothes racks you would be willing to let the DMHS Education Foundation use during the Flea Market? These items would be returned after the event.

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* 5. As a service to those who donate items, any unsold items will be taken to ARC, Goodwill, or Impact Humanity.

Would you want any specific items not sold returned back to you? 

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* 6. We will be providing further information and opportunities to sign up for donations & to volunteer to help with this event. 

If you already know you would like to help with this event either thru donations or volunteering, please feel free to leave us your name and email in the box below and we will reach out soon and get specifics from you. 

Thank you very much!!!