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Sonoma County has 1,382 miles of roads, but only 200 miles are funded to maintain the pavement in good condition. The remaining 1,182 miles receive only pothole filling, and many have already begun to fall apart and will eventually deteriorate to gravel or dirt.

County supervisors are proposing a range of taxes to expand the number of roads to be maintained in good condition. In this fiscal year, the supervisors authorized a one-time expenditure of $6.5 million that will improve an additional 13.2 miles of roads (about $500,000 per mile).

We would like your opinion on their solutions and several suggestions by SOSroads.

Please take a few moments share your concerns and identify your priorities to help shape the future of Sonoma County roads.

For more information about road funding and other information about roads in Sonoma County, see "FAQs" and "Road Reports and Budgets" at www.SOSroads.org.

Save Our Sonoma Roads (SOSroads.org) is an all-volunteer citizen's advocacy group. To learn more about SOSroads go to SOSroads.org.