* 1. What grade(s) do you teach?

* 2. What subject(s) do you teach?

* 3. In which U.S. State, or in which country, do you teach?

* 4. Have you used The Story of Stuff film in your class?

* 5. For those who have shown Story of Stuff in their class, how did it go? What type of responses and conversations did it ignite?

* 6. What non-fiction books have resonnated well with your students in recent years?

* 7. What non-fiction books have flopped with your students in recent years?

* 8. Have you read The Story of Stuff book?

* 9. If a young young adult (roughly grades 3 - 8) version of The Story of Stuff book existed, would you likely use it in your classroom?

* 10. What would a young adult version of The Story of Stuff book need to include for you to be excited about using it? Please feel free to share thoughts on tone, framing, content, topics covered, or anything else.

* 11. Do you recommend a young adult version of The Story of Stuff be a single book or a series of 2 or more books?

* 12. Do you recommend the book have cartoon-styled drawings or actual photographs about the issues discussed?

* 13. For those in the U.S., do you forsee a young adult version of Story of Stuff working as a Common Core program book?

* 14. Have you used the curriculum which Facing the Future made with The Story of Stuff Project for teachers to explore issues raised in The Story of Stuff film? (If you haven't seen it, you can download it for free in the resources section of www.storyofstuff.org)

* 15. As we proceed with this project, would you like to join an informal advisory group to help shape the book? If so, we will send you occasional email updates as we progress, will ask your advice and guidance and will not ever share your email address with anyone.

* 16. Is there anything else you recommend we keep in mind as we explore making a young young adult version of the Story of Stuff book?

* 17. Would you like us to add your name to the general Story of Stuff Project email list so we can send you updates on our work, announcements about new films, invitations to events in your area and other good stuff? Again, we will never ever share or sell your email address.

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