Feedback and Suggestions Welcomed

Thank you for taking the time to review the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council’s (SONC) Vision Committee’s report: Input to the Community Plan Update.  This page provides a way for you to provide feedback and suggestions regarding the report.

The Los Angeles City Planning Department is in the process of updating the Sherman Oaks-Studio City-Toluca Lake-Cahuenga Pass Community Plan, which includes the Sherman Oaks area.

The SONC Vision Committee, over a period of 8 years of public meetings, developed the Input to the Community Plan Update report to provide guidance to City Planning on those elements that would benefit and enhance the lives of Sherman Oaks residents and visitors.  The Introduction & Summaries section of the report provide an overview of the contents.

The Input to the Community Plan Update report can be accessed by clicking this Drop Box link.  The report will be opened in a separate tab on your browser.

By moving between this tab and the Drop Box tab on your browser you will be able to review the report and provide your comments and suggestions. 

If you have more than one comment or suggestion, please submit a separate form for each individual comment or suggestion.  Once you complete the form and click submit below, you will be looped back to an empty form for additional comments.  If you have another comment, please complete the form again with the additional feedback. If you have no further feedback, simply close the window.

Thanks again for your participation in the review of the SONC Vision Committee’s Input to the Community Plan Update report.

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