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Hello and welcome to the SOMA 2021 Senior Survey

SOMA Two Towns for All Ages is a grant-funded collaboration of both South Orange and Maplewood, promoting and addressing the needs of adults 60+. It has been 6 years since our age-friendly efforts began, and we want to hear from you.  Our last survey was conducted in 2019.  Since then our lives and communities have changed.  What needs to be done next to help older residents remain in our community as active and engaged residents?

Please take some time to complete this survey so we can continue to advocate for and address the needs of our residents as they age. The survey is divided into 10 sections and will take most people about 20 minutes. You can always stop and go back to it later.

For questions that ask you to check all that apply, click the green "OK" box when you are done selecting so you can move on to the next question. At the end of each section, click the "NEXT" button at the bottom of the screen.

For the purposes of this survey, unless specifically asking about one of the towns, “SOMA” refers to both South Orange and Maplewood and it does not matter which town you answer for. For references to the Baird Center, please answer as if before it was closed for renovations.

This survey is available online at Printed copies can be picked up and completed surveys dropped off at the Maplewood Senior Center, South Orange Public Library, South Orange Village Hall, and Maplewood Town Hall Community Services Department, or mailed to:

SOMA Two Towns for All Ages Township of South Orange Village
76 South Orange Ave, Suite 302
South Orange NJ 07079
Or faxed to 973-763-6396

All responses are confidential. Thank you for your input
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