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This survey will contribute to a national picture on the state of children's rights in Scotland and will help to monitor Scotland's progress in fully implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Scottish Government has recently published the 'Do The Right Thing' 2012 Interim Report which states the progress made in Scotland in addressing the 2008 UN Committee recommendations. You can download the progress report here: Do the Right Thing 2012 Interim Report

In this survey we would specifically like to ask you about your organisation's work with children and young people, and your understanding of work being undertaken by other voluntary and statutory organisations, including the Scottish Government, local authorities, social work, the NHS and Education. The questions asked draw on the UN Committee's 2008 recommendations and the activities outlined by the Scottish Government in the 'Do the Right Thing' 2012 Interim Report.

You are not expected to answer every question in the survey only those which are of direct relevance to your work with or for children and young people.

We would expect you to spend between 30 minutes to 2 hours on completing the survey depending on how many questions you choose to answer).

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