Thank you for completing this survey. Information from this survey will be compiled into a booklet with our messages to future SOAR campaigners and a list of everyone's contributions to the recent successful SOAR renewal campaign.

* 1. Please check the box for any and all of the activities you engaged in to support the recent SOAR renewal campaign:

* 2. If you gathered signatures, please estimate how many you gathered:

* 3. Please describe any other activity or a special effort related to one of the above activities to give us a good understanding of your contributions to the SOAR campaign:

* 4. Please offer your insights on lessons learned from our renewal campaign that you think should be passed on to the next generation when they are renewing SOAR in 30 years. Suggestions on both what worked well and what did not work or should have been done, or done better, will be helpful.

* 5. Name or names to be listed in the booklet:

* 6. Email address for our use only to communicate with you about the booklet. It will NOT be listed in the booklet.