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Information about these focus groups

The Chartered College of Teaching is carrying out a research project into teachers' experiences with distance learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our aim is to highlight the challenges teachers have been facing during this period of distance learning, showcase the innovative practice that has emerged and look to the future to see which aspects of distance learning teachers may want to take forward as schools reopen to all students.

What will this involve?
In this focus groups we want to focus in particular on what we have learned from this crisis for the #FutureofTeaching. We want to explore what was good and we want to take forward and what didn't work well and we certainly do not want to continue.
Focus groups will be led by the research team at the Chartered College of Teaching, take place on Zoom and last for approximately 1 hour. 

We will ask you to provide your contact details as well as some background information about your school during registration. This is so we can ensure that we invite a representative sample of teachers to the focus groups, so we can capture a broad range of views. We won't be using your contact details for any other purposes and your contributions to the focus groups will be anonymous. 

Do I have to take part in the research?
Participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You can also ask to withdraw any data from the research without giving a reason by contacting the research lead Dr Lisa-Maria Muller on 

Personal data
The Chartered College of Teaching will only store personal information for the purposes of contacting you for the project. You can find the privacy policy here. All identifiers (names, school names) will be removed or changed in any publication or presentation of the results.

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Project title: Focus groups on the #FutureofTeaching

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