In early July, a USCCB Convocation of 3,500 Catholic Bishops, clergy & lay leaders gathered in Orlando to focus on "The Joy of the Gospel in America". The themes were mission, witness, unity & renewal throughout the Church.
The Archdiocese of Portland will continue this dialogue in three regions in Western Oregon: Central Point on August 22nd, Springfield on August 23rd and Portland on August 24th.  The Pastoral Center staff traveling to each location include Hispanic Ministry, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, communications, stewardship, – and much more! This is a great opportunity to bring all parish leadership together ahead of the new school year, to share ideas in breakouts with peers, pray together, and to discuss the latest pastoral initiatives.
Help us to ensure that our time together is successful by taking ten minutes to complete this brief planning survey. We look forward to seeing you on the road at the end of this summer! 

* 1. MISSION: Share 2-3 recent successes that make your parish focused on missionary discipleship:

* 2. WITNESS: Share 2-3 pastoral struggles that your parish is currently facing that hold you back from being a witness to all:

* 3. UNITY: What are your parish's top 2-3 pastoral priorities for this 2017-18 year and how are they similar or different than the Archdiocese pastoral priorities ?

* 4. RENEWAL: Share three topics, concerns or questions that you would like Pastoral Center staff to address at the gathering:

* 5. How have you improved communication to encounter parishioners and those on the peripheries (i.e. eBulletins, email, social media, texting)?

* 6. What would you like the pastoral staff to pray for as we prepare for our gathering?