1. Session Proposal Application

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s 2018 Saving Places Conference! The event is scheduled for Jan. 31 - Feb. 3 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. 
The Saving Places Conference is a dynamic four-day event featuring high-quality educational content and networking opportunities for individuals interested in historic preservation. The event is designed to provide engaging, varied content that will equip attendees with knowledge and tools they can integrate into their work and communities. Sessions should inspire, energize and advance historic preservation. 
The theme of the 2018 Saving Places Conference will be "Preserving the Places that Matter." The event will highlight stories of place and the connection between place and people, with a focus on underrepresented resources and communities. The 2018 Conference will be an opportunity to celebrate Colorado's diverse history. We encourage you to submit sessions with this theme in mind. 
Please read the information below on session formats and the selection process, then proceed to the next page to complete your proposal.
The submission deadline has been extended to Friday, August 18 –  presenters will be selected by September 2017.

  • Educational Sessions: These sessions are 75 minutes in length and can include any of the following -
    • Panel discussion
    • Case study – presentation on a specific project or site 
    • Continuing education credit – APA and AIA credits are offered at the Conference
    • Presentation by an expert 
  • Tours: Tours offer attendees an up-close opportunity to experience preservation-in-action around the Denver metro area. Proposals should provide compelling detail on the tour site, start and finish locations, a proposed tour schedule, minimum/maximum tour size, and preferred date and time slot. 

  • Workshops: Workshops offer in-depth, hands-on exploration of a topic. Session length can range from 180 minutes to a full day. Proposals should clearly outline special project needs, material expenses, equipment, etc.

  • Hot Topic Sessions: These sessions are 30 minutes in length and work best with no more than 1-2 speakers. Hot topic sessions are intended to be high energy and focused while presenting a brief overview of a topic or project.
*Colorado Preservation reserves the right to request proposal formatting changes to accommodate the overall Conference schedule. For example, a proposal submitted as an educational session (75 minutes in length) may be asked to instead present as a 30 minute Hot Topic Session.

New this year, we are asking that session managers indicate the skill level that an attendee should be to get the most from the session. Skill level choices are: 
  • Beginner: Sessions labeled "Beginner" could be those that present content applicable to anyone. They may also provide information specific to those new to preservation. 
  • Intermediate: These sessions are best for people with a general knowledge of preservation. They may dive deeper into a topic than a "Beginner" session would, but they are relevant for most attendees.  
  • Advanced: These sessions are detailed, best for attendees with a specific task or topic they want to learn about. Attendees at these sessions may have a career in the preservation field. 
Also new this year, we are asking session managers to label their sessions with a category or theme to help Conference attendees in selecting the sessions they would like to attend. Session Categories are - 
  • Case Study (successful, failed, or ongoing project stories)
  • Project Funding (grants, tax credits, other) 
  • Technical Preservation Methods (hands-on methods and best practices)
  • Technology and Social Media (social media, internet, and new digital tools) 
  • General Education (Preservation 101, general preservation information, in-depth look at resource types, topics of general interest) 
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Community Development and Tourism
  • Marketing Techniques (techniques to promote a project/site/museum) 

Proposals are evaluated using the following additional criteria:

  • Includes speakers that are experts in their field with experience presenting on the topic
  • Content is current and practical
  • Demonstrates a clear takeaway that is both relevant and valuable 
  • Content promotes historic preservation
  • Provides applicable and transferable information and tools to attendees
  • Completeness, accuracy, and clarity of the proposal
  • Relevancy to current theme

Proposals are reviewed and selected by the Saving Places Conference Content Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of an interdisciplinary group of preservation professionals.

Before you begin the submission process please have all contact information and bios of presenters ready, as well as the following information:

  1. Session Manager contact information and bio
  2. Proposed session format and intended audience
  3. Proposed session level and session category
  4. Proposed session title and description (no more than 150 words)
  5. 2-3 practical take-aways for attendees
  6. Session speaker names and bios
Then, click next and to fill in the form and submit your proposal for review by our Saving Places Content Advisory Committee! 

QUESTIONS? Contact Megan Concannon at 303-893-4260 ext.230